The Foundation was initiated in 2015 in Gdańsk (Poland) by people who share the idea of
‘in-between’ as an area to be acknowledged, explored and practiced in art. These people are musicians, visual artists and theoreticians focused on borderline or periphery cultural phenomena which despite being less visible and not fully recognized by general public, present exceptional qualities.



The ‘in-between’ idea means noticing and embracing the moment when actions or events commonly accepted as belonging to separate disciplines, naturally begin to merge and interpenetrate in time and/or space. Starting at this point, in this crack between, we wish to widen the frame of what is considered art, as well as broaden cultural horizons of Tricity by acquiring interesting partner institutions worldwide also eager to promote extraordinary, non-commercial cultural initiatives.


This idea also means learning about and aiming to collaborate on creative activity of artists, researchers and other beautiful personalities representing different cultural backgrounds – different countries, regions, institutions – who would consequently turn against existing limitations.

Our Foundation wants to explore and support those less popular cultural initiatives which may seem repelling and anti-institutional (what is important, we would like them to remain so). We wish to provide spaces for unclear creation, questionable works of art and ideas open to question.