The Prince Reverberated in the Shakespeare Theatre in Gdansk


At the heart of this project there is Prince Hamlet. Hamlet – the dramatic character existent in Shakespeare’s lines and therefore immortal and Hamlet – an abstract sculpture. The exhibition concept is to acquire a certain attitude towards the Prince – to focus on his being dispersed in pieces of text and to present this textual dispersion as calls, whispers and shapes set in real space - as an installation of sound and sculptural elements.



Apart from the Shakespeare’s drama there are now many pieces of literature and poetry where authors either talk about Hamlet, to Hamlet or even with him. The installation features some of those contemporary texts juxtaposed with the original lines from the Danish Prince’s monologues, creating a polyphonic discussion where Hamlet’s ambiguous statements confront other texts - inspired by this ambiguity and in some way meaning to enter a dialogue with the Prince. This multitude of disputing voices can be heard  somewhere in the maze of white, stone corridors of the Shakespeare Theatre.


In those corridors as well as in wooden rooms one can find abstract drawings formed by Rushes (soft rush dyed black) used by Katarzyna Podpora in her spatial scriptural practice where she employs the matter to interpret certain issues rewriting them in this specific way into different meaningful spaces. Bundles of Rushes or single abandoned blades (words of Hamlet) and Rushes enclosed in more systematic forms (other voices) seem to draw the lines of discussion. Finally, while looking slightly upwards, one can notice the scorched, modestly suspended figure of the Prince himself, constantly reverberated.


PROJECT’S CURATOR:   dr Dorota Grubba –Thiede

INSTALLATION AUTHOR:   Katarzyna Podpora



Adam Zagajewski,  Muszę powiedzieć  vol.  „Komunikat”, 1972

Stanisław Grochowiak,  * * *(Kiedy Hamlet umierał), vol.  „Wiersze nieznane i rozproszone”, 1996

                                           Hamlet, vol. Rozbieranie do snu, 1959

Leszek Aleksander Moczulski,  Przywidzenia, vol.  „Głosy powrotu”, 1981

Zbigniew Herbert,  Tren Fortynbrasa, vol."Studium przedmiotu", 1961

Renata Putzlacher,  Ofelia, song from the album “Lamus”, 2000

HAMLET’S MONOLOGUES:  original text  by W. Shakespeare (in Stanisław Barańczak’s and Józef Paszkowski’s translations)



ON DISPLAY:  20.10 – 01.11. 2015